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If you sent Youmans & Gardner, CPAs an Accountant’s Copy of your data, we will send you an accountant’s change file (.qby) with our changes. You can then use this file to automatically import our changes into your company file.

To Import our Changes into Your Company File

First, download the accountant's change file from your NetClient portal or from Intuit's Accountant's Copy File Transfer by following the instructions in the related email. We recommend saving the file to your Desktop. Alternatively, you may have been provided your accountant's change file on CD or jump drive.

Note: Only the QuickBooks Administrator can do the following tasks.

There are two ways to open an accountant’s change file. QuickBooks must be running to use the first method.

  1. Open the company file from which you created the Accountant’s Copy.
  2. Go to the File menu, click Accountant’s Copy, click Client Activities, and then click Import Accountant’s Changes.
  3. Locate the accountant’s change file (.qby) you downloaded, and click Open.

The second method opens both the accountant’s change file and QuickBooks. It does not matter if QuickBooks is open or closed when you use this method.

To use this method, double click on the accoutant's change file (.qby) file, either on your disk or as an e-mail attachment.

If QuickBooks is open, the company file that matches the accountant’s change file must be open.  If QuickBooks is closed, the last company file opened must be the one that matches the accountant’s change file.

After you have opened the accountant’s change file using either method, continue with the following seven steps.


  1. Review the accountant’s changes. You can use the [+] and [-] to expand or collapse each change to see the details. To see or hide details for all the changes, click Expand All or Collapse All. If any of your accountant’s changes conflict with work you’ve done since saving the Accountant’s Copy, a message displays below the change with an explanation of what to do.
  2. (Recommended) Click Print to print a copy of our changes, or click Save As PDF to save a PDF file of our changes. This step is recommended so you have a record of your accountant’s changes.
  3. After reviewing the changes, click Incorporate Accountant’s Changes. Or click Close if you choose not to import the changes.

    Note: If you choose not to import the changes, you will have to remove the Accountant’s Copy restrictions and enter the changes manually. Be sure to check with your us before you decide not to import the changes.

  4. Click OK to close the QuickBooks windows.
  5. Click OK to back up your company file. In the Save Backup Copy window, choose a location for your backup file and click OK. Click OK again when the backup is complete.
  6. Review the incorporated changes in the Incorporate Accountant’s Changes window. If your accountant made changes that conflict with work you’ve done since saving the Accountant’s Copy, the Incorporate Accountant’s Changes windows displays messages that explain the conflict and what you should do. Also, this is your last opportunity to print a hardcopy of our changes.
  7. After you have reviewed the changes, click Close.

All restrictions imposed when you created the Accountant's Copy file are now removed. You can continue to process your records without limitation and reconcile any accounts (see our important note regarding account reconciliations).

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